Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 1st 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Harshness when monarch engaged in compassion
Top politician interrupted by memory for the moment
Reduced to the ranks, perhaps broken
Spiritual believer returned in a fog
Constraint on movement upset the cart
A long time without working is .. .is upsetting in the extreme
The end, in European languages, is insubstantial
Hazy, not seeing lake covered in plant growths
Staff's methodology will fix a promotional tour
Criminal harm, one financial centre cut short
Nutritious stuff supporting adolescent, we hear
Believer in that Revolution's first to shake tsar
Increasingly fashionable to ignore current gossip
Battle-axe, solid article circling heads of Roman invaders
Trainspotter has an agreement about first couple of railways
Young wizard carrying in good bowl for porridge
Who'd vandalise funfair?
Probationary period not unknown in quintet
Eggs around creature's home may be mark of success
Contribution to member not ultimately costing a lot
Nothing's unacceptable to break my boredom
Married relative in Eastern continent provides excellent food
Second person accepting hotel drink
US agent restrains less advanced British plot
Some European aid is boxed up as result of volcanic activity
Sailor brought up island and the rocks surrounding island
Small font I obscured has one looking hard
Hazy sun before end of day? That's not observed
Inclined, having studied, to forget element of education?
Animal rights group adopting one religious image