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See 6 Down
It's solo trip (US-France) it initially managed
'Jazzed-up' Chinese pro, frequently the chap in the boozer before a show
Inspiration for versifier at Olympus?
It's a double-edged sword, missing the middle of Planet of the Apes
See 14 Down
Out of condition, 10 25 sets this woman an example ...
... one here first to greet innkeeper, then nameless writer
Henry is at intervals King and, nominally, 11 24
See 14
Mobile texted fine joke
Following close behind, you stabbed Scarface
Commercial for irrigation tool released, shot with inverse black and white film
See 23
Second round first, they follow Sun 9th - like our football season?
Board that signals agreement from Assemblée Nationale and Bundestag?
Shake, following the morning rounds
Fighter's day off? Yes - off work!
Surgery collision cases do one!
Singer's remix of question one above
Extremely irritating chaser in playground I boxed?
As far as I can tell, it's a book
Is a stirrer losing it - and marbles?
Indian officer had rival banged up
Beggar 24, spending penny, revels
One replaces mate's European connection facility
What immediately follows a power signal
Retiring to put right skin inflammation
Acknowledgement made, say, with difficulty by male?
See 11