Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 3rd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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To die from contents of hamper is horrendous
Indignant when Dicky ruins map
Popular film about holding Massachusetts' fellow in prison
Spooner's to come across kind-hearted energy supplier
Head over to Spain by air
Is able to proceed with church decree
Start to check everyone's name
The basic facts revealed by demented novelist and playwright found inside
Round of applause after preferred fellow becomes chief assistant
Vigour and style exhibited by the French in Parisian houses
Tend to manage in recession with a couple of servants
Symbol for 'Gentlemen' primarily seen outside toilet? Just the opposite
Foreign order I've set aside
An exclamation of mild disapprobation whichever way you look at it
Skilful Manoeuvring's a book by a former Labour leader
John's back in good time? Not quite
Original reward for victory said to include money
Ponder upon team in trouble after game
Locate it in the middle of Ossett
Caught out of school with hippies struggling to reason like Kant
Growth of new type of poem
President from Georgia featured in article supporting soldiers
Note on West African country's language
Carry with difficulty from edge of motorway
Freak out as Spanish-speaker's husband is taken away
Son died going after brown bear
A kind of merchant is how Cole introduced himself
Why tour rearranged to take in Norway is not acceptable
Began to remove loose ends at first
Managed with what was available when appointed by Rob
Conflict with Germany sent up in sketch
Sheer power shown by river