Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 4th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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It's an endless chore to smile
Such passages that are often blocked partly in a sale
Wealth of Roman coins bearing head of Tiberius
Interpret Christmas poem?
Exclusive college disheartened intellectuals over minute breach of etiquette
Train operator's ten hour disruption after beginning of strike
Meat cooked with no oil is tender
Ways to reach the next level? Actress is confused about answer
Vicar overlooks fool in church making crack
Reverse cart a short distance
City supporter setting up bar somewhere in Canada
One whose origins can be traced back to Darwin?
...thereby a cost of perhaps tiny sum originally
Object's mostly unassuming...
Disclose gun with case removed
Day under pressure brings difficult situation
Reduces periods receiving energy for nothing
So-called revolutionary plan I monitor a little
Cake's been eaten, some of us have heard
Streaming out, they aim to settle abroad
Those eating alfresco favour short topless garments
Journey started in intermittent fashion close to Warwick
Disputes Conservative is blocking changes
Buzz, possibly, from opiate man supplemented with three rounds gone
Driver leaving Phoenix, first to accident, volunteers information
One going around sporting a puffy skirt when husband finished work
Romantic big day oddly ignored by lecturer Alice essentially
Unhappy Lib Dem politician, in 2015 losing seat and pessimistic ultimately
Black and white photo's source that is obvious
On stage Jeremy presses clubs to expose West Ham United