Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 5th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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7 35's Director?
Revolting German article in Manx dwelling-place
Verbal account of revolting article
See 33
See guest has forgotten us
Town in Yorkshire, as its resident might say with passion
Person proficient in judo and cycling
Close relations lead to sex and a bowel condition
New inn tests alarm in Covent Garden street
Ginger wine gets male dead drunk
See 17
Character of superior hotel
Raises poultry
Country home's vacated in spring
Propose docking of iPad?
7.35? May now....
....love to kiss a behind that's salty!
Stripper snapped topless, gyrating in S American country
Smart man on board, a young singer
On a plane where Bill eats pig flesh?
Singer, having turned soprano, gives up
Rare outing: corporation's mistake
Gives aid to gullible people, say
Relating to the birth of an ass?
Chap with stomach upset after taking cocaine
Group with black horse - Clive, Marie, Sian and Harold, perhaps
Bottom layer might be laid here
Set up drug and sex game
Country's unnamed nationalists
Sheikh going short, surprisingly with nil capital
Right old clown, in 18th-century style
Bureau assistant's last work computer
Cavalryman a drongo irritated
Team Maker is here today
Exaggerated answer given by state capital
Young animal, one to see in 3D?
Support tossing of caber