Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 6th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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More than one House of Lords soliloquy's beginning: "Let Tom Hayes go free"
Nobleman expected to receive his king
Hit Sierra, then three-wheeler
Jane, Molly, Ida, Ena regularly getting out of the wind
Film actors entertaining fashionable eastern movie buff
Huge number working to support Turkey, Italy turn up sick
Where cider is drunk, luring in Liverpool banker endlessly
Two Frenchmen in disgrace, sent off having participated in brawl
Crystal Maze screening live piece, illegally transmitting online
"Don is masterly when aroused" - actress
Sun copy editor put pen to paper
From a noble family - a Chinese dynasty - superior to Scotsman
Admire Liberal 50s President
Acrobat ends with somersault into wagon
Take the Mickey out of British comeback kid at first
Retirement finally, Roger, stop compiling crosswords, giving others inspiration!
13th or 15th? That is before time
A starter for 10 likely to be ruled out of court?
A bit of syrup in a cola daiquiri (a rum cocktail)
It's pub-o'clock; get a round in, sharpish!
Being mischievous, skipping first half of study
Whittington, chasing cat, ran hard all over the place with unknown, random blokes
I could swear it's a Volkswagen, empty, going round Elba
Bloody lavatory emptied once in a blue moon
Whoa ... strangely into Mark's ridiculous hairstyle
New York taxi driver's first caution