Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 8th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Be emotional after beheading fish
Dry up over augmented motor
Each listener catches standard British speech - though not with this!
A lot of hard work to secure answer for city
Note or two notes
Pool attendants not provided, but receiving extra good protection for members
Small woman clutching end of that kitchen utensil
MC's twin interrupted by staff
Things to be avoided by feet intimidate old man on way back
Worried article gets harmed when taken across river
Scruffy coal miner, person producing eruption from star
Keen-sighted figure keen to embrace Left, not Right
Skies opening, disgorging a crustacean
Energy in Disney musical based on Dahl providing 24 25
One occupying second family home that's least substantial
Name of 24 actor filling another role
University dance held up in stories implying no exciting music
Roughly nothing in disastrous meal-time is herbal drink
Accepting bit of research, somehow I grew mature NZ grape variety
Came up around ship on a cold body of water
Cover for religious figure in train, possibly
Show - show up or show down, as it were
Unsatisfactory local 24 25
Uncouth, upsetting me all dinner
Source of igneous rock featured in two publications (one not good)
Worries and a lot of fear with this sharp blade
Very much needing evacuated air
Articles about American trial upset someone from another country