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Suppress issue about sex
Kind of wound attributed to rifle shots
Swordsman ultimately conceded to pen
Sailor's drawing up oath given at sea
Tired soldiers leaving invigorated for duty
Round figure in short formula represented capacity of cell?
Make black hole ultimately after red giant's collapse
Really didn't feel like breaking the lady’s heart
Crisp ready to be cooked in oil?
Prevailing attitudes disquiet hospital nurses
Row of benches apparently adapted to new position
Poster's intended target
Relieve oneself in empty soup pan
Came into vacant house, having tried moving home beforehand
Withdrawal ruins love-making arrangement
Act comprises these unseemly displays
Committee's not interested in discussion
College dons orchestrated Dean's rise
School society exempt from tax
Curtailed abuse in part of body's regulatory system
Peer pressure will ultimately lead to bullying going up
Schoolgirl shows contempt for Spooner and runs out?
It's playing the game, in more ways than one
Argue primacy of gender reassignment commitment to the end
Opposing parties could be named thus
Former role exists primarily for the benefit of one side
Supporting that man with no money in Bow
Printer reduced resolution in Postscript
Audience's impression of cast from seat at The Royal Court
To pursue case is perhaps to fight a lonely fight