Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 1st 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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After work I want to hold that woman out of habit
Wild West lawman can be heard in the small room
A section of Florida Hospital is in a different part of America
University student breaks into applause as a type of release
A group of people targeted and almost emptied high street bank
Shelter or else die in storm
Radical lesbians in play areas for holidaymakers
Singer from Bristol having a frolic
Poser giving pride of place to German kitchen feature
Coat with unusual design on sports girl of a certain shape
African boss making billions with an American
To hell with study, being dulled by too much booze?
One actress in Frenzy is most frightening
Daughter is in public events, not once showing the effects of alcohol and drugs?
Mountain range close to Rabat in the end
Woman's niece regularly employed in Italian city
King of New York with a different mind-set
She could get pulled in after palming a little money
French film for all the family, one without sex getting close to completion
State dance tune
An element in Dublin knocked around with big rugby player
Endless clichés in play
Artificial intelligence apparently explained?
Fisher King getting point of view over
Ravel pirated timeless rag from one of Gershwin's early movements