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A container contains pruned grass tree
Altered Russian novel - one involving piracy
Wanting something done by Paul Hollywood, we hear
A Welsh girl from the east
Albert and Elizabeth briefly follow retreating monster
Lays claim to missing queen’s property
One caring about lack of awareness
Bit of cedar tree some French king made into table
Passage read out for Frank
Noble duke departs for Big Apple with older lady
Liverpool, for example, welcomes European players
Boat by lake has a dirty look
Hot group of stars seen over zenith in a line
Illegally transfer articles overseas
Hideous man ekes out medical complaint
Independent news recruit the Prince of Wales?
Watch Saint Vincent, say, helping fallen WWI soldiers
Singers' part in description of Rossini’s finale!
Explain in detail one's commute after work?
With level of proficiency chef regularly produces mashed potato?
Old medicinal lesson cut short
Gentlemen put some paper into empty skips
Drunk Australian that is leaving to enter vehicle
Questions and removes underwear?
Common drinking vessel for inexperienced youth
South African women’s expressions of delight mounting in exhibition halls
Man mining with noise irritated complainers
Seed producer featured in latest issue

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