Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 5th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Appear to assume everybody's lacking intellectual subtlety
Celeb overwhelmed by damaging allegations is hot stuff
Malfunction leads to Bill getting deposit back
State aim to stand by soldiers
Single article on period watch
Party, for example, doing an about face over duke's dishonest act
Go crazy on the way back, for instance
Playwright ignoring one rule with extremely tacky parody
Repaired end with Tom's daughter finding bits left over
The worst part? General Grievous's close
Whatever is not just wide of the mark
Special pleasure for puritan to seize loathsome drug
Surprisingly liberal American taking in pole dancer
Not entirely prepared to accept my grievance
Starts to produce several texts during row with purveyor of inside info
She set out to take possession of The Head of Ulysses a mythical hero
Begins cutting within seconds
Tried to find a time to risk provoking newspaper boss
Delight in friend elevated into prominence
Old team owner ruined
Miles needs to remove source of pathogens from fruit tree
Advantageously placed by drug producing plant
Correct graduate over the last point
Be uncertain about turning up with it in the middle of Oldham
Stay in the same place with the person I invited - please do
Attacker of Alsatians beaten up
As a result Whistler has nothing to enter at that point
Worth next to nothing a short time after? I hear likewise
Makes flat 50 finally available to golfer after the third of November
Deck hands meeting over stopping work
Previous priest admitting endless unrestrained revelry
Topic of interest for children