Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 6th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Philosophy of returning praise is mocked at first
Dish served by health farm one found outside unfinished slum
Expected Liberal to fight
Roadside recovery runs about to find man
Minute spent in thought
Resist losing first one
Reduce support for dependent
Loudly urge second man to create storm
Had a chance to cover Russian retreat
Irritating, snide bastard ousted
Trainee soldier acted strangely
Designs popular shelters
First of sons he once treasured is killed
Start to hand a poet a ten dollar bill
Crazy university times in New York
Dawn is gold and yellow captured by artist
A nation hosting former queen and empire builder
Idiot lapses regularly
Aide's fist destroyed content
Wager European has no ill feeling for bugbear
Hear pin-up bust is lower
More than one spoke right before advance on day two
King George accepts that is revolutionary new rule
Love from French poem
Disaster losing California in fellowship
Central parts of abandoned shipyards needed to be coloured
Rise up and start to speak skilfully
Charlie leaves a group chat crudely making sign
Look both ways
Settle back taking in the taxes
Religious leader is endlessly limp and lame
Number on street work unceasingly
Turner departed clasping end of brush
President embracing one he had succeeded
That man notices leaders
Rub out Republican source of inconvenience
Set fire to British vessel
Sick English prisoner: revolting criminal