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Coat snagged in shoe when dancing for events
Last bit of nearly decent beer
Bright Liberal attends university with money
Poor handling of disturbing ageism across America
Arctic Russian discards clothing in warmer European region
Two women consecutively having illness
Anatomical part in manic bonk scene not initially spotted
Infiltration of Coventry is militant
Seller of dope here in Berlin
Bones possibly genuine? Not a single Catholic suspects at first
Established arrival time to return car
Smarten up by wearing this oriental-sounding number
Using cycle to ferry son is not going to work
Dominant swan on cold island lake makes popular choice for artists
In bed with loyalist party after Blair is defrocked
Tungsten in container solidifies, forming threads
Key exercise of youngster prior to climb
Warning for others with an encouragement towards crime?
Play about king constructing a city
Charge raving mad nun (the one pulled from the bog)
Prayer from teetering treetop in Italy
Coastal area across Britain has sound population growth
Professor emptied every lecture
Remain in boats heading west having dumped cargo
Mechanical component of weapon unfinished on centre of bench
Staggered wine courses around the fish
See 24 Across
8 Down sailor involved in health drive needs meds regularly

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