Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 17th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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A rod for freshwater fish
Some sort of aspirant guerrilla
Greedy person consuming Tango with party snack
Conifer, they say, in island in Med
Legends garland a siren of the Rhine
For a poet, foot of tree with heart that’s old, cold and hard (the core rotten)
Pitch to initially impressionable senior Tories? Maybe he does
He might paint magnolia coat or red coat when plastered
South German man is touring Spain for its drinks
Orchestral players sit with boos flying around
Doctor sees terms for what they are
Flats arranged horizontally in an afterthought
Newspaper reported for culinary supplements?
Assessed as flipping expensive after adding hint of truffle
Having risen, go off to meet bad end
Sir’s distraught and in a bother - keep going!
Entire groups about to emerge mostly in accounts?
Pharmacist rides roughshod over compounds for animal use
Natural source of water receives backing
Pay slips secreted by spy in dance centre?
A wild animal seen around river level
Guru in tree hasn't abandoned seeking riches
Injured person’s left for a little time without concern
It’s whispered corrosion was in the van
Popular ascetic with no money to come by some wealth
Trunk initially treated roughly
Badly designed bra as some sort of practical joke?
Essentially detest bad language
When there might be news by letter he’ll be there
Like the man who won Wimbledon?