Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 22nd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Way to get around penniless down-and-out
Ludicrous sailor's uniform gets ridiculed heartlessly
Absolutely not accepting Rutherford’s original model
Minister to Yankee in Lisbon, say
Journal contains old line about knight
Game plan for 2019
Timely reminder
Amount one raised covering 8 musical compositions
Acrimoniously leave fat, grasping old politician
Ruined European in Great Britain urged to move
Sick setter, pissed on rum, died
Possible explanation for itchier skin's oddly dismissed
Island off Scotland is English? Heavens above!
Newspaper reported a bloomer
Landowners from Spain renovated manor within two years
Unionist intervening in 24D gets a shock
Arch European backing Central Bank's U-turn
Sounds like sheepshagger's clothing has a household name
Retired L.A. crime boss accepts English alternative to 15D
Typical Independent reader (some say) more excited by article about revolutionary
On friendly terms with Germany? Shut up!
Carbon copy keeps returning to author
See 10
Japanese electronics company introduces new gaming site
Doctors pinning down GI’s bizarre psychological symptoms
Respect refusal to be constrained by time
Sporting purple sabots as a symbol of 'independence'
Rugby player's jersey is possible reason for 21