Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 23rd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Lesbian orders a pie that is taken with chips
One working girl entertained by another in hotel bar?
Model behind potential 22 winner
Relative's friend is 13 22
22 found in hotel kitchens
Class act's back in action
Slaughtered Ira Gershwin's first input to a musical? It's a legitimate target
22 featuring slightly drunken emoticons
On which vehicles are assessed in a Surrey town, say
See 13
Musical 22
22 of convenience
Extemporisation in 22's first half: a writer's point German tabloid backed
Daughter stripped at start of blue film, to tell the truth
Source of protein derived from bone, say
May perhaps finesse hearts, securing 22 ultimately
Where you'll find an i in the capital's high street
Palace's first chance, at end of dreary 22
Some beer and whisky? I'm 22
Very poor second 22
As Christmas tree might be lit, drained lights need changing
Backing singer has soft drink outside 13
Medium sort of ponytail worn by 1D? That's not unknown
Public official might, arguably, at Roses 22
North possibly has a way of speaking about first of ruffs by East
West on the playing that's unlikely to make one a card sharper
Apologised, two 22s both having these boobs on show
Sadly homework has little content
70s band 1D dismissed as "13"
Polo? A fresh horse needed first, for a 13 22
Those starting every international 22 hated The Cube
See 6