Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 26th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Prince to stop decider
Old book recalled disorderly town
Councillor taken in by accountant in African city
Business share generating praise
Corporation suppressing most of plan in recession - it's of no interest
Behaving like a child, shut up when holding a toy, at first
Man offering no initial support for worker in the field
Extra words about freedom? They're not seriously meant
It foresees company taking control of Channel Islands
University post not new? Not new
Definite transformation in article, copper replacing iodine
Work to secure old gold, without much skill
Peseta in former currency unexpectedly dear? I see what you're saying
Fellow with clever story
Game incorporating situation that’s a hindrance
Bowlers lacking power? They don't do the right things
Continue to be wrapped in a dressing
Choir ceased touring area with large church
Unfathomable over old man rather dismissing sexual attraction
Fine loose fibres
Support for Harry Potter book getting criticism after a space
Studies accommodating suitable changes again
Early closure of one study centre
Hard gamblers neglecting lead horses
Distasteful burial needs to be arranged
Pornographic crime the subject of uproar?
Surreptitious about taking Catholic into protection? Hardly at all
Chosen player was foremost in Brahms and Liszt
Doctor's agreement about new source of scurf - xerosis?
Cold water not connected in the last place you stay?
I almost stand for the flag
Attempt abandoned by miserable friend