Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 4th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Frank lover describes bit of lovemaking
In part, carcinogen in jam is a silent killer
Understand and then perform Japanese martial art
Question church about article full of doubt?
Short-of-time priest put on clothes, forgetting top
Pint seems to dissolve hollow feeling
Friendly prisoner of the privates lost just past Midway
Where one might see feathers flying
Country deporting one on heroin and wine
What one might do on making a reservation accessible
Survive exile having left for northern tip of Corsica
Fool that Richard III had topped by criminal leader
One of two jugs, perhaps, next to each other
Possibly dealt guns and class A drug
Might one regret snorting line with Her Maj?
Evidence of previous leakage from a duct?
Nurse with one foreign article about boredom
Plant highly-priced informer reported
Nick the swinger following party around a lake
Feeling life, perhaps, is full of grief essentially
Sex club
A bit of an idiot drinking new port
Super-quick snog, but stop working first
Continuously stumped by work? Not any point starting it!
Tense foreign capital could be a problem
A noble-sounding story
One likely to snap gal tailor restyled
Temporary troubles? No shock there with learner having failed!
Philosopher angry with Leviathan 's preface
Club transferring out foremost of players, say
Time to be hugged by Lewis, Nicolas and John?
City area cased by arrogant criminal