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Happening to be in zone of fire
Daisy's over getting cross with peeper
Defence company returned labels for wrapping containers for Ceylon, maybe?
A river horse about to bite a hunting animal
Indonesians maybe talked about depression
Ministers move in a particular direction -- south
Cowboy, kind at heart, supporting everybody in recession
Keenness of machos caught in endless shift
Rich women getting fit, going topless
It contains an element of ducking male, not wife, in water
Using last of adhesive, reseats cracked tiles
Engineer's old letter stored by British Library
Easy task -- lad timing a sad song
Sweet dear swimming into shore
Doctor undressed club labourer
Beatles perhaps push people objectively in audition
Plants non-religious personal beliefs
Attacked hospital without, say, many fatalities
Version of agitation shunned by society
Wiped out after ages, extremely exhausted
Gaelic goddess, archaic but not in an odd way, soon to adopt name
Shortly leave out rotten egg produce? On the contrary
Abandon a missing British vessel
Wallop! Boxing is where one views the ring?
Open, for example, short transaction that's less than perfect
Ruth holding hollow glass pen
Sultriest translated means of multilingual texting?
Decay reported below building