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Boring, soporific Anne Diamond given P45
Lundgren, at home, is a fairly blubbery individual
At last, Bing and Dorothy get together ... va-va-voom!
I heard one covering hip-hop artist
Write off oil company
First in a series: "beer, and where to find it"
So much tea brewed for Fu Manchu?
Switzerland: "Gold, francs, €; it's what drives us"
Slipknot shortly retiring, heading east
Sleeping rough, hovels give me accommodation for a shilling
Ballyhoo in America as much-loved bear returns to Los Angeles
In action, rolled American tobacco
St. David's Day: new government demands P45
Female fell behind, tired
Swift retribution seen from Bath chicken farm getting exposed
Steals tops from Next, Intimissimi, Calvin Klein, Selfridge's
In which, when it's your round, you'll be under the table
"Vassal state" falsely, say, taken over?
Pass by il Duomo regularly providing refuge
Revolting Rees-Mogg (nit!) telephoned about issuing P45
Black coffee Sean spilled at work could mean P45
Desperate character, daughter (23) getting collared - it doesn't look good
Rangers overwhelm Celtic from the off, starting "Old Firm" in flamboyant style
See 9
Beautiful girl head over heels enthralled by revolutionary hero, one bearing flowers
Encourage to send up one in the kitchen cabinet?
See 1
Senior citizens retch, initially horrified over P45
See 8