Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 2nd 2018) clues of The Sunday Crossword by Evan Birnholz crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 180 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

After the hour
It's paired with "wine"
No-no for a child
Tightly clenched hand
Never to be repeated
One-eyed deity
Target of thrombolysis
Hint of Limburger cheese?
Intimidating brute
Nameless hero's portrayer in the martial arts film "Hero"
Gel ingredient, maybe
Not dirty
Trireme propellers
Hop into the tub
Easier said ___ done
Waistcoat edges
Hotel keycard opening
Like some pool balls
"Elf" co-star James
War of words
Implements in shop class
Derulo of pop and R&B
Eggs, on Halloween
What a lab rat may navigate
Ooze out
Relative of a grapefruit
Laptop memory units
Dolphins uniform color
"Lost" place
Intentional loss, in boxing slang
Kent's love of comics
Evade detection, in a way
Terminal on a network
"Hick" actor Baldwin
Play things?
Erogenous zone named for Ernst Grä¤fenberg
Attendance call reply
"Chiquitita" band
Eschew hard work
Taxi meter reading
Hard-shell food, maybe
Actor Max Jr.
Trumpet with praise
"In other words ..."
Huck's conveyance
Aisle walker
View from Luxor
Emulate a moth
Flour ___ (tiny pest that feeds on grain)
"Once and Again" actress Ward
Newsweek alternative
It'll take you for a spin
Nightingale's pad
Teased stuff in a salon
Hit on the noggin
Employ a dagger
Leans toward, as with an age group
It gets set by a judge
Traffic problems
Topper at a pageant
Legal order
Entertaining Del Rey
Traveler from afar?
Hammer wielder
"If ___ I'd known!"
Nickel sources
Show up
Angler's item
Nissan NX options
Dull discomfort
Top dog
"Have anything ___ to share?"
Enlightened about
Jersey team until 2012
Ointment applicator
Yogi or Smokey, e.g.
Tenth of a bowling game
Honey-glazed items
Exaggerated account
Yearly college football opponent of Harvard
Burst of electricity
Revise, as an essay
Imaginary line through Earth
Novelist Amado
Go without
It may be free
"New Fool at an Old Game" singer McEntire
Deadly "Impaler"
In existence
Article of cutlery
Inoculation amount
Engages in litigation
Yorkshire terrier, e.g.
Oscar winner for "Brokeback Mountain"
Utterance of dismissal
New drivers, usually
Establishments that offer belts
Dynamite stuff, briefly
Take a military recruiter up on their offer
Ones ignoring a called strike?
"Light of the heavens and the earth," per the Koran
Trusty mount
Type types
Hells Canyon state, in part
Ethiopian's neighbor
Latest fashion
Internet access method
"The Bonesetter's Daughter" author
Tweak, as text
Looks (around)
"The Piano" actress Anna
Hue of a clear sky
Indian wood sources
Necessities for many with broken shoulders
Greek fabulist
Striped shirt wearer of children's books
Hebrew Bible kingdom
The person reading this, for one
Wednesday, to Fester
Overdo, as a privilege
Using as a source, with "on"
Looked upon
October Revolution leader
Rust, e.g.
Detonation sites, once
Imposing naval force
New York City's ___ Avenue
Aviator Earhart
Ribisi's director in "The Gift"
Inviting door sign
Landing strip
Yasser Arafat's birth city
"But every so ___ ..."
Order at Texas Roadhouse
Red baseball feature
Emerald Bay's lake
Yummy food's asset
Openly displayed
Used curse words
Seed of wheat
Underhanded stratagems
Designer's choice
Drunk, in slang
Eckhart of "Sully"
Not at all competent
Loop at a rodeo
Yokohama's nation
Tea party figure
He-Man's asset
Reads, as vibes
Iron Man's alter ego Tony ___
Like candles or crayons
Legal excuse
"You take care of yourself out there"
"Oh, what a surprise!"
Untimely, in a way
Aquarium growth
Needs for clarinetists
Danish coast feature
Young lover of theater
Wanted poster word
Adventurous one's quality
Rosemary and thyme, e.g.
Henri's "ta-ta"
One in a swarm
Lager containers