Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 1st 2018) clues of The Sunday Crossword by Evan Birnholz crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

___ land
Bullmatian or schnoodle, e.g.
Cause of an eruption
Revere river beasts?
L.A. suburb where Daniel LaRusso lives in "The Karate Kid"
Snarling canine
Show contempt toward
Super-cool version of a 1986 hit by Huey Lewis and the News?
CEO's deg., maybe
Soup or salad, e.g.
Reason to restart
Ursine creature that does not hibernate
Yoga stances
"The Azalea City" of the South
"The Vanishing American ___" (essay in Jack Kerouac's book "Lonesome Traveler")
Nizwa's nation
Soup or salad, e.g.
"I want you to stay!"
Assayed material
Playground injury
Wrigley Field star, once
See 98 Across
With 96 Across, objects discussed by Dr. Ruth
Order to an ancient Greek physician to become strict?
Suspension of droplets
Certain roost-er?
Mattress filler, perhaps
Pursue with passion
Ointment component
"The Americans" actress Russell
What burglars may leave
European form of "love"
Genre included at the Grammys since 1987
Inseparable ... like five pairs of phrases in this puzzle, literally
Solemn tolls
Pulmonologist's focus
Fantasy baddie
"Rent" statement, say
D or C, in D.C.
ACLU and UNICEF, e.g.
"Midnight Love" album creator Marvin
Peg at the Masters
___ roast
Exile site of 1814
Couple, on a farm
With 45 Across, co-creator of Black Widow
Dish that may be topped with tobiko
Stylist's bottleful
Blocks called "rocks"
Washington bills
Stunner on TV
Radiologist's viewing
He rescued Hades from Sisyphus
Writer Scott whom Paul Gray called the "Bard of the Litigious Age"
Far from frantic
___ story
Like racehorses' feet
Like Mount Everest, compared with K2
Metropolis in the Andes
Falls hard, in winter
Access, as a video game achievement
Two in Las Vegas, say
Gain altitude
Small spot on a globe
Reverential works
Scrooge's exclamation
Indominus ___ (terror in "Jurassic World")
Lounge about
Vitals checker, briefly
Thrashes about
Craft for duos
Iberian coastal city
Program trial
Chanel of fragrances
Promotional letters
Bed-making aids?
Thornfield governess
One much praised by Muhammad
"Veep" honor
Displaying generosity
"I'm in awe!"
Announcer's phrase right after the kick on a field goal attempt
Soprano Brightman
Singer Perry
"Get off the boat, you flower child!"?
Pot pie spherule
Sizable portions
They involve clinks with drinks
Phlebotomist's object
Go through "Metamorphoses," say
Signing ceremony item
Obey a father, in a way
40-card game
Ray gun sound
One of 144 in this grid
Autos charged at Supercharger stations
Series of city channels
___ Eminence
Beverage from Britain
Much-praised Muhammad
Southern bread
Huge gap
Developer of the "Resident Evil" video game franchise
Home lab, say?
Cousin of an "ooky" TV family
Like many jokes on late-night talk shows
Propelling pole
X, in some letters
___ Offensive
Geometer's measure
Those whose freestyle raps and break-dancing moves are inspired by a cookie tidbit?
Eyeball creepily
What a bulbul builds
Mammalogist's hirer
Serve, as syrah
Two-liter buy, often
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Medieval tale, maybe
2009 National Medal of Arts recipient Rita
On the subject of
Lima's location
Bleachers exclamation
See 69 Down
Where to see axels
Quiz venue, perhaps
Stars of rotations
Sport with thrusting
Sci-fi emotion sensers
"I found a clue!"
Titular flowers of a Louisa May Alcott children's book
"El Anillo" singer, to fans
"Money" author Martin
Swampy tract
"Pearl of the Indian Ocean" resident
People on Safari?
Forged paintings, e.g.