Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 15th 2017) clues of Universal Crossword crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

How builders build
"The King" of music
Opposite of start
Ring that's tossed in a game
Three, on a sundial
Grapefruit-orange hybrid
Type of veil
Dinner crumb
Repairs computer coding
Withstand or continue to exist
Closely packed
Fell with a hatchet
Trip with a backpack
Opposition prefix
A couple of quarters?
Pretty pitchers
Greek alphabet's 17th letter
Suffix for record holders
Member of a certain environmental club
Sports figure, briefly
It may come between partners
Clint of Hollywood
Place with moving pictures
Try to win the hand of
Geek's relative
Most insignificant chess piece
"There's ___ here but us ..."
Spoke with a harsh, low voice
Oath taker, essentially
Sometimes-smashed minuscule thing
Porch item
Cambodian's neighbor
Wimbledon champ Bjorn
Provide with the proper tools
It has a grand old flag
End of a quest?
Oyster's resting place?
Lambs' moms
Device that gave you a beep
"Quiet!" to Archie Bunker
Builder's quest
Cup edge
Dark yellow hue
Roman orator
Steam bath locale
Threw rocks at
Stylish and distinctive elegance
Yankee great Mickey
Dreamy sleep state
Genetic inits.
Wrigley Field homers clear them
Comment from a klutz
Dame Myra
James who walked on the moon
Abbr. for one no longer working
"___ all been there"
___ out (hits a long shot)
Look at without blinking
The wearing away of rocks, e.g.
Be a part of the election process
Certain sib
Simian of Borneo
Large amounts of land
Baylor's base
What little builders practice with
Supply that's stashed
Fairy-tale brute
Famous San Francisco hill
If all goes perfectly
Fell ill
Like forks and electrical plugs