Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 20th 2017) clues of Universal Crossword crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Took a card
Clean, as a spill
Turn over to, legally
Pro ___ (proportional)
Scrape together, as funds
Historical excavation site
Unfortunately, what you and I are?
Not use efficiently
Deodorant type
Cake for cleaning
Tach readings
Certain music genre
Thing to be as happy as
90-degree pipe bend
Desert's green spot
Emphatically claim to be true
Bad way to sand
Stair climber's protection
Lobbies open to the sky
Endings with "walk" or "trade"
Musical mix
Withered, as cracked land
Tennis umpire's call
Eye part
Sandwich shop
Opens, as an official document
Low-budget film
How some contestants battle
Serb or Pole, e.g.
Possessive pronoun
Ingredient in bubble bath
Air-freshener's scent, sometimes
Seed distributor
Proceed along a given route
1-Across in the present tense
Hindu music genre
LAX info
Sits tight
___ Dash (spice brand)
Nosebag morsel
Pocket sandwich
Theater worker
Looked curiously
Goalpost part
Continental cash
Pickle type
Former liberal, briefly
Zig-zagged to and fro
Sigh of woe
Bowties you can eat
Prepare to undo a surrender
Target of some pool treatments
Kilt design
Catchers' gear
Prove useful to
Parisian waterway
Big name in accounting
Rock out on an electric guitar
Misleading by false appearances
Ireland, to some
41-Down language
Bread maker's ingredients
In spite of the fact that, briefly
"Family Feud" player, often
Wrinkly fruit
Tandoor-produced bread
Hearty soup
Big name in pineapples
Computer image
___ out a living (scraped by)
Egyptian reptile
Hurry, old-style
Make a wrong decision