Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 4th 2017) clues of Universal Crossword crossword.

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"See you later, amigo"
Mata Hari, i.e.
Make sense
Major French river
Pigs toast marshmallows over a ...
Printer's need
Stovetop appliance
Throw away (with "of")
Multi-speaker systems
"Oh, all right already!"
Place for linens
Ratchet wheel's hinged catches
Makes long faces
Downs' opposites
"Just this ___!"
Runs competitively
Sheepshank, granny or half-hitch
Common hot beverage
Capacitance unit
Unkind and nasty, as a remark
Swimming attire
Roast item
Dark purplish-red color
French-speaking nation of Africa
Distinctive character of a group
Football stand
Pig bluffers play their hands ...
Human thing to do
Like an egg
"Method" end
Relative term?
Mountain lion shade
Mountain feature, often
"Gift" of a yakker
Bustling activity
Pharmaceuticals overseer
Coat supplied by an animal
Short closing passages (var.)
Fish tank buildup
Politely remove, as a hat
Rightmost sundial figure
Hockey legend Bobby
Female prophet
Pigs' pianos will be adjusted with ...
A Disney Dalmatian
Ox-connecting collars
Snack between meals
Is for many?
Train-catching place
Senseless and ridiculous
The fronts of pigs' trains will feature...
Whine and whimper
Turned sharply
Sippy-cup sippers
Drug-yielding South American shrubs
Arctic coat
Platforms for public speakers
Girder material
New Delhi princess
Leg joint
Extreme worrywart
Summoned the presence of
Greek P
Don, as clothing
Throws a party for
Places where embryos develop
Like a fleabag hotel
It's washed daily
Vital things in fertility labs
Theater line?
Boxing legend Muhammad
New England catch
One of a baker's dozen?
Big seller before Easter