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Homeowner's proof of purchase
Man with a peak
Impatient to get started
"___ the night before Christmas ..."
German mister
Gloom's go-with
Short-horned Asian antelope
Ice hockey venue
Finish line in a horse race
Poker fee
Grapefruit relative
Where the sun sets
Mud hole on a farm
Multinational currency
Opposed to, in the backwoods
Oft-buttered food
Pitchfork feature
Carry on, as business
Stir-fry utensils
Clumsy person
Three things behind the house?
Black, in old poetry
Jeans man Strauss
Hathaway of Hollywood
Hamilton's bill
Michael Jackson hit
Wayne and Adams
Talk with one's hands
Put in a footlocker
Shopper's overindulgence
Canary's sound
Close by, in old poems
"Smarter ___ the average bear"
Like fresh cake
Corrects, as software
Arctic native
Responds to a stimulus
Walker's alternative
On vacation
Did stitch work
Ski lift
Tube for a dummy on a couch?
Walk like a peacock
Bat droppings
Oscar hopeful
Three things behind the house?
Acceptable for grubbing
Priests' garments
Ill-mannered lummoxes
Monk's hooded garment
180 degrees from WSW
Three things behind the house?
Relaxing walk
Take ___ of silence
Triangular sail
Snakelike fish
Eyelid annoyance
Hand drum
Under sheets and blankets
"Church," "opera" or "movie" ending
Incredibly intense stars
Some soft drinks
Certain circus performer
Earth shake
In a sneaky manner
Obstruct a river
Lennon's beloved
Prime rating
"___ all in this together"
Train bed

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