Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 9th 2017) clues of Universal Crossword crossword.

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Vereen or Stiller
Common pasta sauce
Giraffe checker
Architectural style
Neckwear in a slipknot
Type of paper
Second-largest state
Athletic apparel company
Corporal punishment strap
What your results may do
Withdraw gradually
Made smooth or uniform
Buying on credit
Handouts for the poor
Society page word
Shaky start?
FBI operative
Little bit of Vaseline
Connecticut city
Excessively self-assured
Source of timber and shade
Greeting among sailors
Asset for a funny ad-libber
Its missions are out of this world
"___ did you do it?"
Stockholm native
Rendered out, on the diamond
Voters' survey
It can come out smelling like a rose
Rough sketch
Vice squad stormings
Andy in Mayberry
Famous Cannonball?
Loch with a legendary monster
"Aah" counterpart
Earn ___ for effort
Stuff in pencils
Bankable billiard shot?
___ out a meager existence
Not yet mailed
Major city of Pakistan
Gulf War missile
Important part of a film
Operated, as equipment
Expression of surprise
Play-for-pay person
Be agitated or work hard
Like the cheeks of Santa Claus
"Do-well" intro
Time period of note
Whirling currents
Extra innings or fifth quarters, briefly
Several bucks
Avenue relative
"___ we not men?"
Part of the eye
In a self-centered way
Large grayish-brown eagle
Lunches, brunches and munches
Spanish lady
Two from X
Pompeii coat
Not quite right
It's surrounded by water
Stand in good ___
Tempt with a carrot?
Bridle straps
Suspect's way out
Culinary abbr.
Posting at BWI
Coral construction
"To Live and Die ___"
Big name at the gas pumps
As well
Father, familiarly