Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 17th 2012) clues of Universal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Medicinal measures
One commemorative feast
Ad-___ committee
One of Montezuma's people
Forgo, as one's rights
Indefinite number
Engages in disorderly play
Big name in electronics
Home key neighbor
Damage or deface
Become flushed, as cheeks
Approaches the runway
It can be in front of your house
Acorn, later
Filibuster busters
Baseball cap part
"___ go bragh"
Hobbling gait
"And now, without further ___ ..."
Piano-lesson piece
Itinerary preposition
Wedding-band hand
Goes for the bronze?
Attractive (Var.)
Flexible card in blackjack
Evans or Carnegie
Cigar holders
Combat mission
Bert Bobbsey's sister
"There's ___ in 'team"'
Little Jack Horner's last words
Used a carpenter's plane
Barbie's male friend
Painter Toulouse-Lautrec
"Ho ho ho" crier
Big expense for newspapers
Baked-mud brick
"That'll teach you!" look
Had the guts
___ layer (upper atmosphere part)
Small earrings
Brain-wave test (Abbr.)
Cream-cheese serving
Cavalry weapon
___ Claire, Wis.
Affront, in slang
You, me and the whole gang
Do an usher's job
Computer part
"Fool me ___, shame on you ..."
Primary color in photography
A coil, as of yarn
The D in FDA
Pigeon sound
Squeeze into a ball
Tupperware pieces
Foreign dignitary
Small argument
A river might run through it
"Beware the ___ of March!"
Case for needles and small scissors
Held in high regard
"Follow ___ car!"
Chilly attitude
"Stupid Flanders," according to Homer
"Happy Endings" actress Cuthbert
Asian housemaid
Loosen, as a shoelace
"I'll do it ___ condition ..."
"I get my kicks on ___ 66"
"Norwegian Wood" instrument
Pseudonymous short-story master
Broken mirror, to some
Lennon's wife
Christmas bulb, e.g.
Vice president after George