Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 9th 2007) clues of Universal crossword.

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Early recording systems, familiarly
Source of illegitimate income
To one side
Salty salute?
Fruit juice alternative
One over you, perhaps
Tomboys' counterparts
Curricula vitae
Professional charges
''Harper Valley ___''
Tote with effort
Last name in spydom
Wizards perform here
Two-dimensional measurement
Middle Eastern currency
Spanish company?
One in front
Explain further
John's label, sometimes
Some years back
Homer Simpson's shout
Gift for a diva, perhaps
Made typo-free
''To what do I ___ ... ?''
Take out of context?
Roman Forum regular
Soup cracker, perhaps
Treaty between nations
Imposer of hard work
Muscle malady
''Cast Away'' setting
Type of spray or passages
Norse god of thunder
Blacken by burning
Wax eloquent
Fisherman's lure?
Decorative toiletry case
Rewards for waiting
Pub potables
Corporate kudo
Expressions of pain relief
Ancient capital of Phoenicia
Title for a senior officer, perhaps
Not aweather
Takes, as battle stations
Second in command, informally
Skyline feature
Utilized a clutch
Type of plate, bar or fork
One's own ism
Boss of bosses
Eton attendee, perhaps
Pangolin's diet
Word of support
Italian bowling game
Wanted to know
Gets decked out in
Plumed avian
Vintage auto
Tasty paste
Jack of ''Big Bad John''
Part of F.D.R.
Word with buffalo or chestnut
Glacial ridge
Little dustup
When purchased alone
Russian ruler of yore
Words with shame or boy
Sans ice
Colleague of Agatha
Tania's ''army''