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Engineer Casey
Some Azerbaijanis live there
Un-calm feeling
Have lingering pain
"Who's the Boss?" role
Skin abnormality
Harpo, for one
Desirable, to a collector
Gliding step in ballet
Skin designs, briefly
Lies quietly
Geometry doughnuts
Ice mass
In spite of, to poets
Dropped-pop result
Like shiny photos
Magnifier's relative
Fur magnate John
"___, is it me you're looking for?"
Russo with lines
Age-old tales
Victory is whose?
Feature of a hip GPS?
What all consumers are
Painter's plaster
Easter bloom
Disney's Scar, for one
Cocktail garnish
Some pale drinks
Houses with great shade
No-tricks bid
Beer container
Down with something
Deep ___ bend
Easy run
Terrible witness
Coliseum level
Color-TV maker, once
Be attentive
Inflated speech
Way expensive transport
Sports TV award
"Newhart" building
Most mentally stable
River terminus
Pelvic bone-related
Not square, old-school
Smartens ''up''
Indian prince
Serving fantastically
Chipping choice
Duplex's due
Certainly not convinced
Important time periods
Tiny bit of energy
Entertain quietly?
Watkins ___, N.Y.
Mastered trade skill
Part of a whale's diet
Common article
What some diet drinks are?
Long time, no ___
Bide oneÂ's time
Adolescent outburst
Lend ___ (prep to listen)
In ___ of (replacing)
Skip, as class
Spanish liquor
What the charismatic leader was?
Come to the fore

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