Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 19th 2015) clues of Universal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Cheap trinket
"To Sir, With Love" singer
Indian state
British royal
Of the same kind
Tea choice
Board room happening
Works in the cutting room
Data for an accountant
Member of a governing body
CIA operative
Harmless lizard
August 13, e.g.
Screenwriter's creation
Make accustomed
Move into the limelight
Chubby plus
Viola effects
"I've got a secret to tell you"
Grammar book topic
Suffix with "claim" or "cool"
Pinched pennies
Person in the audience
Orleans's river
Elevated habitation
Lay down a road
Busy person's list heading
Monopoly collections
Change, often
Airport exits
Positive pole
Loosen, in a way
Triangular river formation
Place to wash up, briefly
Oahu instrument, briefly
Merry-go-round music
See through a disguise
Certain teasing
Lead-in to "date" or "trap"
Brief comic performance
Million-byte units, in computerese
Attendance fig., often
World's Fair word
Dreaded character
Curb (with "in")
Terra- ___ (fired clay)
Fascinated by, as a hobby
"Cogito, ___ sum"
Matches, in a way
"Now hold on there!"
Some airport arrivals
Supplements (with "out")
Twig construction
Big club
Real ending?
Units of work
Offend a sense
Bring to ruin
Vast Eurasian plain
Pot starters
Nobel-winning U.N. agency
"Excelsior," to New York
Climbing spike
Make smaller, in a way
Self-produced CDs, maybe
Churchill's "___ Country"
"Shoe" setting
"The Larry Sanders Show" actor
Give off
Abbr. at the end of a list
Nero's breakfast, perhaps
"__ Hur"