Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 25th 2008) clues of Universal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Does dock work
Antlered deer
Black, in a sonnet
Future brass
Acetate, for one
''I Married a Communist'' writer Philip
516 sheets of paper
''Invasion of the Body Snatchers'' container
Cappuccino feature
Louise's cohort
Suffix with ''correct'' or ''collect''
Busy restaurant time
Village figure?
Committed people pass it
Word suggesting options
''You ___ dog, you!''
''Zhuangzi'' principle
The Rubber Capital of the World
Clan emblems
Bunny tail
Minor market fluctuations
For the missus
Reference section offering
Stops rambling
Unwelcome obligation
Terse bit of advice
Overwhelm with sweetness
Personal attribute
She succeeded Eleanor
News spreader, of a sort
Xanadu inhabitant of cinema
Hockey great Gordie
''Andy Capp'' quaffs
There's none for the weary
Caddie, basically
''7 Faces of Dr. ___'' (1964 movie)
Legendary heavyweight boxing champ
''Abandon hope, all ye who ___ here''
Under wraps
Bank deposit?
Support when one shouldn't
A way to learn (with ''by'')
Elected folks
Black bottom line
''The Joy Luck Club'' nanny, e.g.
Big fuss
Mount Carmel city
Lab measuring tube (Var.)
Architectural ellipse
Believer in a nonintervening god
Abbey denizens
''Slow and steady wins the race,'' for one
Be a pain in the neck
Flashlight, to a Brit
Uncalled for
Lure into lawbreaking
.001-inch units
Made a statement on a stack of Bibles?
Portfolio component
Exemplar of dryness
Birds in the outback
Asian nation suffix
Reader's Digest co-founder Wallace
Unknown author's byline, briefly
Eyelid irritation
Cookout disposable
Battleship success
H on a frat sweater
Calcutta dress
Bar in a narrow dish
''___ at last!''
It can eat you out of house and home