Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 28th 2008) clues of Universal crossword.

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It may be added to impress
Catalogue contents
Seed protector
Some nerve?
Length times width
Pirate's exclamation
Unlucky fisherman's haul, in cartoons
Audio plug-ins
''American Justice'' channel
Relative of an English horn
Character actress Claudia
Versifier's eye
Take in the mail
Innocent one
Porous pot
''CHiPS'' star Estrada
What sentence components should do
Yule tune
Word in telephone menu instructions
''Good!'' in Genoa
Robert Browning's ''Rabbi Ben ___''
Mothers and daughters
Common person
Stretch for the stars?
''Ah! perfido!'' is one
Stock classification
Result of hail, often
Belted one out
Divination practitioner
An ecclesiastic
Wolfe in Stout books
Man from the Isle of Man
___-school (traditional)
''La ___ vita''
Bean-based dish
___ del Sol (region in Spain)
Agricultural pest
Affects emotionally
Blintz relative
''Best of'' tracks, often
''Goodnight'' girl of song
Opera giant
Support for an art major
Stuff put into a barrel
Hebrew master
Avian chatterbox
''Otherwise, you'll regret it!''
Less likely to put up a fight
Ample at the equator, say
Basel's river
Any old town
''Me too'' sort
Arboretum specimen
Creep like lava
''Coming Home'' co-star
Adirondack chair part
Auditing firm hiree, for short
First word in an Ed Wood title
Game of letters and numbers
Handle for Springsteen (with ''the'')
Bit of old Italian bread?
Brightly colored fish
Suitable in every way
Arab potentate
Arbor feature
For students, it's private
Became a dad
Word with ''wood'' or ''chocolate''
Selling very well
King's place