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Narc's quest
Comedian Philips
''Familiarity breeds contempt'' coiner
Tight end Kellen
Its ETAs are PST
''Skeletal'' prefix
Some circus performances
Word with ''star'' or ''maple''
Part of a Napoleonic palindrome
Talk like a madman
Undiluted, as a drink
Big name in reference books
The Guess Who's ''These ___''
Actress Tuesday
Procter's partner
''All for-price'' link
Barone portrayer
Company VIP
Dish's fellow elopee
Words with ''the collar''
''They have digged ___ before me'' (Psalm 57)
Is in the market for
Artist Sedgwick
Field event
Japanese poetry
Not docked
''___ My Party''
Initial for Triton
Slangy type of cousin
Opposite of 10-Down
Exam for a poli sci major
Batman co-creator Bob
Music royalty enforcer
Mountaineering tool
Minstrel's strings
MBA's course of study
Cry of a faithful one
Moist droplets
Start of Lady Montague's query
Drop out
Kind of soup
Displayed publicly
Movie ogre
English elevators
Ram of the firmament
She starred with Kong
All over again
AMA members
Auden's ''The ___ of Anxiety''
Roe layer
1492 landfall
Lesley, singer of 11-Down
''Strong as ___''
1969 Arkin/Moreno dramedy
Rose extract
Unit of cultural information
Mayberry's Campbell
Magazine edition
Creatures in a 1983 film
Actor Chaney
Rich chocolate dessert
Homey hostel
As a rule
Sugary addition?
Track event
Tin Man's first words
Fire signs
Baseball's National League
Red as ___

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