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Diameter divisions
Appropriately named citrus fruit
Indian bread
Outward appearance
Large-eyed lemur
"Jake's Thing" author
Long-legged wading bird
It can hinder employment
"For ___ a jolly ..."
Fitted well together
One good curl
In an energetic manner
Insignia on many rockets
Bring out
Half a sawbuck
Where the optimistic look
Genetically coded stuff, for short
Dreary sound
Avails of
Weasels' cousins
Leg, to an old gangster
Allergic disorder
Close, as an envelope
"___ the season ..."
Not-quite-far-enough place
Eye layer
Just a smidge
Fit for Friday the 13th
After-bath powder
Story that's longer than most
Examine again, as a patient
Satie or Estrada
On its way
Avoid, as an issue
Fiennes of "The English Patient"
Esteem to the extreme
Roberts who played Raymond's mom
Western blue flag, e.g.
Boot part
Deprived of weaponry
"Let the ___ begin!"
Flock member
To such a degree
Protector for a baby
Floral necklace
Lt.'s inferior
It refreshes
Change, as a clock
Old stereos
Drop vowels while speaking
Units of force
Word from a cheerleader
Olympic sled
Bellini opera heroine
Kournikova and Kendrick
Archaeological site
Swelling in plants
Some stars
Nearly choke
Does a tailor's task
Kind of campus protest
More likely to cool off
Type of shooting
"Forget it!"
Need a bath in the worst way
Slang for an off-road vehicle
Alt. spelling hint
Connecticut collegian

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