Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 30th 2012) clues of Universal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Autumn bloomers (Abbr.)
"Back to the Future" bully
Adult tent caterpillar (Var.)
At the high point of
Citrus fruit similar to a grapefruit
World's largest producer of rice
Delhi princess
Remains to be seen?
Accept, as a credit card
Cause of a diet setback, perhaps
10 jiao
Wildcatter's strike
Brick bearer
Afflicted with muscle tremors
Volcanic fallout
Clear sky's color
His partner
Vocal quartet member
Cause of a diet setback, perhaps
"It follows logically..."
"___ Miss Brooks"
Like many Poe stories
"Lucy in the ___ with Diamonds"
Chinese restaurant appetizer
"Old college" effort
___ Lanka
"___ contendere" (no contest)
Cause of a diet setback, perhaps
Sans companions
Revise writing
A psychic may claim to see it
Hindu princes
"... to form a ___ perfect union"
Varieties or types
Angry bull's sound
Wintertime slider
Take a breather
Wine press residue
Its state flower is the sego lily
"The kissing disease," casually
Hot, on a Chinese menu
Potato sack material
Williams title lizard
Act the butterfly
"Can't complain"
Imitative of a natural sound
One who commits grave offenses?
Array on a bar shelf
Adam's grandson
Seldom seen
Common black European thrush (Var.)
Ripple pattern on a stamp
Wealthy bunch
Arkansas' ___ Mountains
Super Bowl XLI-winning coach Tony
Bake in a shallow dish, as eggs
Gumshoe, briefly
All-points bulletin
Device for upward mobility
"Road to ___"
Be in another form?
Careful reasoning
Calendar abbr.
Instrument played sitting down
"KnowwhutImean?" character
In the middle of a hot streak
Hit high
Bat's detection tool
"___ and the Real Girl" (2007 movie)
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Austin Powers' "power"
Does a tailoring job
"American ___"
Act like a baby
Gets under the skin of
Geographical region