Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 2nd 2015) clues of Universal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Mountain passes in India
ATM output
They go with guys
Type of turn
Chorus member
Be a gadabout
Archaic "prior"
Horn sound
Bald eagle's relative
Part of some ships
And others, for short
Stat for pitchers
It may be polished
Coastal region
An angler may spin one
"It's OK after all" in editing
Sound from a hen's brood
Flying military branch (Abbr.)
Black billiard ball
River to the Caspian Sea
Creator of "Don Juan"
"The ___ Bears Movie" (1985)
Spanish artist Joan
British rule in India
Flight attendant's prop
Flycatchers and Lisa on "Friends"
Cigarette dropping
Type of IRA
Novice Boy Scout
Just a smidge
___ gin fizz
San Antonio mission
"Big Brother" host Julie
Arab ruler
Grant entry
Three feet make one
Sailors, in slang
Shows stamina
Wimbledon champ Steffi
Fifties audiophile's purchase
Quite excited
Drive-___ window
Component of 2-Down
Emotionally purging
Burn-soothing plant
Ermine, in summer
Ballpark snack
Horticulturist's need, figuratively
Main artery from the heart
Hawaii island
Clear the blackboard
Common Market inits., once
Ticket end
Not very challenging
Deck or second?
French Impressionist
Sewers, at times
Great Lakes city
Countess counterpart
Parcel of land
Comb, in a way
High-flying elite
One in bondage
Quite expensive (Var.)
Cousin of a mink
Alabama march city
Film ___ (movie genre)
Dog's tormentor
Feedbag fillers
Skip over
Thousands of pounds