Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 1st 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

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Available for tenants
Move like a 60-Down's wings
Nailed perfectly
Suspect-clearing story
Acting by oneself
Have sovereignty
Product similar to Brie
Reversed, as a veto
Word after knuckle or buckle
Repetitive throat-clearing, e.g.
Tale that may span centuries
Computer running OS X, for short
Pink bloom named for a vegetable
Words of concession
Canal opened in 1825
Gem that can absorb water
Shed one's feathers
Clumsy oafs
Icky buildup
24-hr. breakfast server
Sounds of well-tuned engines
Article of roller derby footwear
Migratory honker
Part of HRH, at times
Fish in salads
Shipwreck cause
Does battle
Trip to Barbados, perhaps
Crude cartel (Abbr.)
Team with a mule mascot
Kagan of the Supreme Court
To-do list item
"Jurassic Park" dino
Game with a bullseye
Cantina munchie
Norwegian king before Harald
Wedge in a gimlet
Colleague of Siskel and Roeper
"Evita" lyricist
Ran for the hills
Passed-down stories
Raid or Black Flag target
Chest muscle, informally
Genre for Journey and Styx
Fed lines to
Option word
Caribou, e.g.
Kraft veggie burger brand
Wildly successful
Stated with authority
Improves, as steak
Mynah or mockingbird
"Later," at a luau
Digital clock punctuation
Caviar-producing sturgeon
Stomach-soothing brand, for short
The "O" in OWN
Fry quickly
Venerated tribesman
Banisher of snakes from Ireland
Jackie of action movies
Becomes enraged
Simplify, with "down"
Risky venture, for short
TV chef Deen
Dundee dweller
Cantina appetizer
Refinery deliveries
Ballpark event
Jet black
Opera house level
"Life ___ fair"
Herbal brews
Dracula's airborne form
Spell "spell" "spel," say