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Extinguish, with "out"
Earliest stage
Streaming video service
Acrobat's precaution
Singer Baker or O'Day
Febreze target
Group playing Top 40 hits, e.g.
Added zip to
Purveyors of antiques
Beehive State athlete
Rapturous feeling
Volleyball team, e.g.
Tomato, archaically
Sunburn protection initials
___ Lee (frozen dessert brand)
Place for a rubdown
Bring 42-Across to
Dismissed summarily
Teen in a Shakespearean balcony scene
Penn of 71-Across
Best Picture winner in 2013
"Dilbert" cartoonist Adams
Like corduroy
Flea, to a dog
Appear ominously
Stand watch for, say
TJ Maxx or J.C. Penney
Put aside for later
Ingredient in a gin-based liqueur
Hayloft's place
Shrimp's cousin
Recruit's fare
2008 movie with a gay rights theme
Cattle-catching gear
Centurion Card issuer, informally
Desirable traits
Right on the nose
French menu phrase
HP cartridge filler
Had a night on the town
Nudged like a dog
Bit of hail damage
Icky stuff
Cartman on "South Park"
Hotel with a Select Guest program
"The Naked Maja" painter
Perot of the Reform Party
Show with sketches
Corrosive compounds
Rank above viscount
More than merely able
Cuisine with sticky rice
Long-range nuke carrier
Newscast wrap-up
Curriculum segment
Dumb conclusion?
Psalms preposition
Fishing boat load
Schreiber of "Ray Donovan"
Creates a screenplay from
Part of kph
Payments at plazas
Memo to oneself, perhaps
School with a royally appointed provost
Warrior in "The Iliad"
Fed. air quality monitor
No. 2 execs
Subjects of wills
Hid, as gray roots
Fiber optic alternative
Plant that doesn't blossom
Levy on property
Cause of hiccups
Flower girl's path
Stackable cookies
Finished, as cupcakes
Prime hunting time
Word before bait or wire

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