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Far from trusting
Doodlers' tablets
Go from URL to URL
Be half asleep
Some rehab candidates
Puppy's bite
Drops, as pounds
Flatow of public radio
Comes down in buckets
It conquers all, it's said
___ judicata (decided case)
Proverbial small town
Tannery tools
Kangaroo court penalties
Missile engine, perhaps
Model's asset
Indoor flight
BBQ morsel
Crunchy veggie
Tarzan's troop
Each, slangily
Rapper Elliott with four Grammys
Reason for a small craft advisory
Monopoly payment
"Set Fire to the Rain" singer
Momentous times
"Drake" poet Alfred
Like a tuned string
Loaf pair
Gentle treatment, symbolically
Outback runner
The younger "Frozen" princess
Peanut butter candy brand
Reporter's piece
Maze goal
Tibetan holy man
Word after price or phone
"The Simpsons" tavern
Some Halloween characters
Gaucho's prairie
Curving billiards shot
Loud, like a waterfall
Respect, in urban areas
Orchestra section
Still-life vessel
Great Lakes mnemonic
Out-of-focus image
Pete with 4,256 hits
Bagel's shape, geometrically
McGregor of "Star Wars"
Home to football's Giants, really
Patronize a 15-Across
1973 resignee Agnew
Furtive "hey, you!"
Like some rumors
Precedent setters
Burger tycoon Ray
Easter entrees
Hiccups cure, it's said
Icicle shape
Giving a keynote
Bout site
Ceremony vow
"Survivor" locale, maybe
Passes for top seeds
Couldn't keep a secret
Quarterback great Troy
Distance between wingtips
Cathedral organ features
Polygon figure
"Pokemon" cartoon genre
Strike from a list
Not called for
Fare picker-upper
Hero cheese, for short
Bet accepter
Overwhelmed with humor

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