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Bridge seat
Like Caitlyn Jenner, for short
Lust or gluttony, e.g.
Multiskilled worker
Played the first card
It springs eternal, in a saying
Prefix with geek or mensch
Brown rice and buckwheat, for two
Petting zoo animal
13-Down's locks
Burrows who wrote "Can-Can"
"___ your nails!"
Arriving group's cry
Lead, as a rock band
Word on some campaign buttons
Dumb as a rock
Put into play
Dartboard wood
Strong desires
Takes a whack at
Scene of 20-Across' temptation
Excited, with "up"
5-by-5-square crossword, e.g.
Trims to fit, say
Bunyan's tool
Runny cheese
Star-shaped flower
Competitor of Alamo
Diamond defect
Janet of the Clinton Cabinet
In-home caregiver
Lassie, notably
Part of a Whopper
Alternative to single-elimination
Have good intentions
10 percent donation
Frans who painted "The Merry Toper"
___-Defamation League
"Yesterday!" on a memo
Car part called a "bonnet" in Britain
Fly like an eagle
"Nearer, My God, to ___"
Macbeth's initial rank
Assign stars to, say
Haggard who sang "Mama Tried"
Beat decisively, slangily
Elastic bandage brand
Gambler's heavy loss, figuratively
Recall, as old memories
Project leader
Start of a scuba dive
Spa attire
Freight-hopping migrant
Tournament for all
Early victim of temptation
Place for a pinsetter
Queen of whodunits
Gears up
Goes off-stage
Perfect or pluperfect
Made the scene
I, in Ithaca
Oral vaccine pioneer
Taught after school, perhaps
Don't stand firm
"Metamorphoses" poet
They may be dominant or recessive
"Mario Kart" console
State with the motto "Industry"
Oil-yielding mineral
Destroy financially
Triple Crown race, familiarly
Schiller's "___ to Joy"
___-Ida (Tater Tots brand)
Put to a grindstone
Cue card contents
Street-vendor Gucci bag, e.g.
Cartoon skunk Le Pew

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