Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 10th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

All-time low
Under the weather
___ through (pore over)
What "exo-" means
Zero-turn ___ (yard implement)
Jose Altuve's team
Academy Award nomination, informally
Diva's outburst, perhaps
"That's really cool!"
Pirate's assent
Beehive State athlete
Pigeon's call
Morsel for a mare
Many "The Voice" performances
Francis Bacon piece
Island famous for moai statues
Sparkling Italian wine
Yard glass filler
Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy"
All keyed up
"Isn't it clear now?"
Martha Argerich's instrument
Two-toed or three-toed beast
In ___ (like pairs skating)
Circus props also used by fruit pickers
Word after taxi or witness
Vile, as a habit
Dickens lad who wanted some more
"Easy peasy, nice and easy!"
Merman who sang "Hello, Dolly!"
Lands' ___ (clothing retailer)
Top dog
Palais Garnier performance
Meyer of "Saw" movies
WWE (but not MMA) win
Vegetable with a slimy texture
Words of concern
Not as experienced
Foot-long meals, for short
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" network
Hopping mad
Apple audio player discontinued in 2017
Take in or let out
Appliance brand with the tagline "Just Right"
Shar-___ (wrinkly dog)
Adornment with a Hawaiian welcome
Hearty nacho topping
Like an F, vis-a-vis a D
Angler's rod attachment
Fillable flatbread
Military cadence syllable
Tear into, as a wrapped gift
End of a pool cue
18-episode Joyce novel
Chaney who played the Phantom
Mineral abundant in liver
Cheerios, geometrically
Thompson of "Thor: Ragnarok"
"The Rumble in the Jungle" victor
Bunker and Breed's, for two
Fossil-yielding sedimentary rock
"Uncle Vanya" playwright Chekhov
Cover up, as a cussword
Defy gravity, as in a magic trick
Good with DIY projects
Parked it
Letters on trendy handbags
Burr vs. Hamilton et al.
Pharmaceutical-approving agcy.
Icy cold
Prioritizes, as patients at a MASH
On ___ (as a gamble)
Build upon
Tough to climb, perhaps
Poseidon of moviedom, e.g.
Try for, at auction
"You bet!"