Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 12th 2019) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Like a tarp, when not in use
Before the bell
Comics "menace"
Crosses to bear
Performed superbly
Fruit in duck sauce
Makes a patsy of
Shells, but not linguini
Tither's percentage
Wear a long puss
"The Conners" network
Plain of Jars land
Conspirators' plan
Place for an ICBM
Morsel in a deviled egg
Warmed up for the headliner
Home plate, slangily
Wine from Moscato bianco grapes
Drink followed by a chaser, often
Server of Duff beer
Consequence of a beaning
Trebek or Sajak
Arboretum feature
Canned meat popular in Hawaii
Satyric stare
Sailors' saint
Glossy cotton fabric
Erroll Garner classic
Gridder-turned-actor Merlin
Gambler's opponent, at a casino
Type in all caps, online
Gender-neutral pronoun
Chris Berman's channel
"___ Girls" (Gene Kelly movie)
Almost every play, in arena football
Fathom or furlong
Shade similar to buff
Ready to be served
Weaken, as support
Said "No contest," say
Socialite Paris' alien cousins?
Ham, to Noah
Greeting card feature, often
One chip, perhaps
Saxophonist Getz
One in a "smoke-filled room," for short
Soil containing humus
Dairy cow's casual top?
Distressed jeans fabric
To any extent
"West Side Story" heroine
"And others," in a bibliography
IBM-compatible PC of yore
Macbeth's burial isle
Took under one's wing
Editors' reversals
Jungfrau's range
Piece of rock concert gear
Ballet finales
"What, me worry?" magazine
Place for spackle
Indonesian vacation isle
Misanthrope's emotion
Imitative, in a silly way
Goods in a Christmas decorations heist?
Hard to rattle
Give the heave-ho to
Sauce with gnocchi
Port southwest of Algiers
Taylor of "American Crime"
Plagiarized No. 1 song?
Blast furnace input
Mythical meanies
Iron-fisted ruler
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" is one
Ranking Ottoman
Cause of skids, in winter