Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 18th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Peevish mood
Seasoning in stuffing
North American capital, or its river
Where 'dos are done
Self-righteous sort
Pack animal
Word after cutting or leading
Blotch on a garage floor
PreCheck org.
Scout's award
"Just a ___!"
One who's slow on the uptake
Walks like a runway model
Annoyance for interactive game players
"Sonic Dash" game company
Play with Lego bricks
Eye salaciously
Ties the knot
"Some ___ born great . . ."
Ancestry.com diagram
Jet-for-hire companies
"That makes me mad!"
Male razorbacks
Classic interview attire
Jouster's ride
D.C. staffers
Witch's concoction
WALL-E, e.g.
Sidewalk eatery
To-do list item
Bicyclist's challenge
George Eliot's first novel
"One more thing . . ."
Diamond defect
Note from one who's short
Follower of Ignatius of Loyola
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Target of an uppercut
One of the winemaking Gallos
Capital of the Bahamas
Cassiterite or stannite
Arm art, briefly
Stampeding group
Time for coffee
Half a buck's rack
Kicked the tires of, so to speak
Day care center breaks
Split-resistant wood
Contacted on Facebook, in a way
Credits for doing good deeds
EEE, for some shoes
The Hulk's emotion
"Arrival" visitors
Inventor's spark
Brunch fare
Shipping department string
Thick soup or porridge
Reach a maximum
Duffer's goal
Crystal ball gazers
Air gun ammo
Baldwin of "It's Complicated"
Chinese zodiac animal
Capital south of Quito
OxiClean targets
Builder's purchase
Water-storing succulent
Fuzz on a clothes brush
Respond to reveille
Release, as radiation
Amethyst shade
Mail-order shoppers' "Big Books"
Feeling of inner turmoil
Obi-___ Kenobi
Stranded driver's request
Take shameless advantage of