Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 20th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Good-looker, informally
Took a board game turn, perhaps
UAE part
Baseballer with a star logo
Huff and puff
Trevi Fountain money, once
Manicurist's supply
Lead-ins to big days
Destroy the inside of
Don't wing it
Disney, to Pixar
Window blind part
U.S.-backed Nicaraguan rebel
U.S. Forest Service mascot
Fairly recent
"Will you allow me?"
Figures in fisher's tables
___ for (choose)
Place for preschoolers
Unprocessed, as data
Pull a prank on
Readier for harvesting
Pacific Rim region
Capture the heart of
Indiana hoopsters
Fumbles in the dark, say
Place for prehistoric art
Ejected by the ump, slangily
Bird on Woodstock posters
Barbecue chef's mix
___ IRA (investment option)
Wedding party member
"Got you"
Move like the Blob
Burn, as hair
Seats with kneelers
Wished undone
Wrapped up
Cherry bomb sound
Hirsute brother in Genesis
Busy as a bee
Bookmarked address, briefly
Oust from power
Water balloon impact sound
"No ___, no gain"
Young '___ (tots)
Ultimate degree
Notifications from Google
"Hippopotamus," literally
Site of games and concerts
Oscars superlative
___ Regenerist (skin care brand)
Cordial or biscotti flavoring
Enjoy Aspen
Tree on Lebanon's flag
Beijing environmental problem
Cobble together
Thick seafood bowlful
Not as nasty
Proofreaders' finds
Hosiery purchase
"Jabberwocky" starter
Window adornment
Tried to hit
Top starting pitcher
Quick bites
Cover with decorative stones, say
Aesopian source of golden eggs
Frightened with threats
Word after road or round
Grab forty winks
Honeydew discard
The munchies, e.g.
Needed a Band-Aid
Costello in "Buck Privates"
Negroni cocktail ingredient