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Poker stakes
Razor sharpener
Baseball card factoid
Three monkeys' avoidance
O. Henry device
Drive-___ window
Utility usage gauge
Deck safety feature
Rush hour headaches
Groundbreaking, in a way
Mole, to a suburbanite
Tarsus site
More likely to be R-rated
Tree-dwelling apes, for short
Display, as confidence
Respond on "Jeopardy!"
Nick's wife in "The Thin Man"
Trailblazer Daniel
"Follow me!"
Demolitionist's supply
Very, on a score
Runway model's asset
Things to be done
Marsh ___ (plant for which a confection is named)
Mini or maxi
Laurel of old comedy
Most swanky
Sets straight
O.K. Corral surname
Iamb, for example
Body wash ingredient
Tim of "The Santa Clause"
London's ___ Modern gallery
Young chaps
Elude a tag
Place third at Belmont
Seating for the flock
Common locket shape
Puente, "the Mambo King"
Dispatched, as a dragon
Silly smile
Long lock
Go to seed
Liar's poker bills
Ritual woodpile
Kite flyer's need
"Much appreciated!"
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Veil material
Money in Mumbai
Luxuriant locks
Corolla and Camry
Word on a Monopoly deed
Neural transmitter
Window treatment holder
Gilbert and Sullivan princess
Janet of the Clinton cabinet
Assent at sea
Jell-O maker's need
Worth a C, perhaps
Had down cold
___ mot (witticism)
The Rockies, on scoreboards
Distribute, with "out"
Freak out
Acts the bellyacher
Iwo Jima flag raiser
Super bargain
Eucalyptus-munching "bear"
Carried in one's arms, say
Hydrotherapy spots
Payment at a booth
Online banking transactions, briefly
Trevor of "The Daily Show"
Dog in Oz
Ladled entree
REO part

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