Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 2nd 2019) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 76 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Notary's imprint
"Sonic Dash" game company
"A ___ coincidence!"
"Deal or No Deal" host Mandel
Swiped item
It doesn't fly on Shabbat
Dungeon restraints
"You wish!"
Source of Italian bubbly
Deliverers of unmanned strikes
Get all blubbery
Offshoot of a denomination
Pay stub figure
One speaking with a burr
Thoroughly enjoys
Neighbor of Yemen
Annoying sort
Unethical sort
Combo item in the frozen food aisle
Still in the running
Inoculation fluids
"Blondie" tyke
Leave in the lurch
Bathtub residue
"You betcha!"
Target of a spanking
Exact revenge on
Hershey's Kisses, e.g.
Fizzy part of a gin fizz
Like Tim Cratchit
Have a yen for
Range part
Machu Picchu dweller
Sunlit areas of malls
Like an out-of-play baseball
Either of two directing brothers
Song of David
Fix for a wobbly table, perhaps
Spelling of "Scary Movie 2"
USAF truant
They show lots of leg
Sauces made with pine nuts
Emotional damage
Not much of a challenge
Electrical networks
Like Wikipedia or YouTube Premium
End of a bully's threat
"Aw, nuts!"
Country music's ___ Young Band
"The Rookie" network
City northwest of Orlando
One without a home base
Hirsch of "Lone Survivor"
Rolls along the runway
Is in the hole
Woods on the links
Hero pilot played by Hanks, informally
"I'm at your service"
Acapulco cash
Tinker Bell's home
Polo of "The Fosters"
Marlins part-owner Jeter
Dance that "takes two"
Battlefield plan
Simple-to-swallow dosage
Savanna heavyweight
Fruit-filled pastries
"Out of my way!"
Skull session offering
Back in the day
Color in four-color printing
Fictional plantation of Georgia
Rotten to the core
Jeans line
Grass grown on farms