Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 4th 2019) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Living-in-harmony principle
Even the slightest
Worries to no end
"In Search of Lost Time" novelist
Colorful bird in a rainforest
He drives Bart to school
"Thick & Fluffy" waffle brand
Harness racer's gait
Place for a masked phantom
Model builder's adhesive
Golf or tennis lesson subject
Organs near temples
Bullwinkle or Betty Boop
Expanse far from shore
Urban renewal targets
Synagogue scroll
Attack with snowballs
Pluto, before its downgrade
Cow on dairy products
Hits the jackpot
Fail to mention
Like a disciplinarian
Subdue with a shock
Wassailer's beverage
"Ghostbusters" goop
Vending machine features
Sushi bar bowlful
Wreck beyond repair
Car wash option
Reply to "Who's there?"
Achieve through hard work
Place for a BarcaLounger
Pompous sort's attribute
Nala's leonine mate
Bolt with eight Olympic golds
Aug. 9, 1974 resignee
Word after spitting or mirror
Fuel from bogs
Astronomical bear
In addition
Primary concern
Linen closet items
Seize, as a suspect
Command to a puppy
Minuet movement
Decides on, with "for"
Rains cats and dogs
District for playgoers
Catalog company's addressees
It can be paltry or tidy
Blew the mind of
Be a lazybones
Lawn-repair buy
Palm reader's phrase
Slippery swimmer
Creamy seafood soup
Watson of "Beauty and the Beast"
March on Washington, e.g.
Markdown events
Newsletter piece
The bossy 50-Down
Boardroom VIP
iTunes download
3-Down was Borden's
Descartes' "therefore"
Any of the "Animal Crackers" brothers
Roofs on some Pontiac Trans Ams
Showing signs of life
Kama ___
Spider's legs, e.g.
Return to the closet, say
Any of a classic slapstick trio
Drop dabbed with a tissue
Pondered overnight
Tailgate's spot
Distasteful to a neat freak
"What if . . ." thought
Abbr. on an attorney's letterhead