Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 6th 2019) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Toy gun ammo
Having the right stuff
Get the ball rolling
Greased auto part
Exemplar of thinness
Send out, as a vibe
Conk with a fastball
Capital in which kroner are spent
Got along
Cut with a razor blade
Central idea
Like some diet-friendly drinks, briefly
Curator's collection
Worth an F
Three-wheeled Harley, e.g.
Obey the coxswain
Particle with zero mass
Lea female
Cause one's jaw to drop
Divinity school subj.
Wrapper for leftovers
Out of sorts
Tick off
"Can-Can" author Burrows
Changed color, as leaves
___ Paul (guitar model)
Say "Boo!" to, say
Jabs from most boxers
Travel like a biathloner
Very, on a score
Fish, it's said
Portfolio parts, briefly
___ car (circus vehicle)
A fan of
"Little" Dickens heroine
"Funeral Blues" poet W.H.
Taiwanese PC giant
Italian wine city
Like a harmonica's tone
Tracy's Trueheart
Truckers' enclosures
"Disney on Ice" move
Average Joes
Issued, as invitations
Wine taster's concern
Most volcanic rock
Leslie Caron title role
Musk who shares a name with a university
Photo caption in diet ads
Right on the money
PC whiz, e.g.
Fateful time for Caesar
Australian folk hero Kelly
Play a song you don't know, say
Form a scab
Boston Marathon month
Reporter's question
Consult, with "to"
1945 battle site, briefly
Earth's oldest form of ecosystem
Barn hatchling
Uses a blowtorch on
Vitamin abundant in tuna
Shaq's longtime org.
Slow time for a business
Eye parts with rods and cones
Like Olive Oyl
Acts the ham
Made two-by-fours, say
Signs of spoilage
Rock's ___ Oyster Cult
Harassed, as an umpire
2014 merger partner with Chrysler
In the old days
Sax larger than a soprano
Banana peel mishap
56-Down product