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Brains or beauty, e.g.
Obedience school command
A deadly sin
"I beg to differ!"
Model's stance
Capital on a fjord
Bridge guard of folklore
MFA part
Source of drawn blood
Additive sold at Napa Auto Parts
2018 award for "The Talk"
Prepares for a bout
Sees eye to eye
Maryland state bird
Identifies on Facebook
Full-time fighting force
Skim milk's virtual lack
Weight-and-fortune cost, once
"What's it to ___?"
Common beer pong cup brand
Wikipedia's lack
Miles-per-gallon rating
Sips from a flask
Japanese dogs with curly tails
Many "SNL" skits
Low-five sounds
One on a "Most Wanted" list
Texter's "Didn't need to know that"
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Longtime rival of Pocket Books
How artichokes may be preserved
Thomas Hardy heroine
Links positions
Lights on Broadway
Takes notice of
Cosmopolitan competitor
Meir of Israel
Industrious insects
Do a recycling facility task
Intersection quartet, maybe
Night school subj.
Spilled the beans
Prevents from breeding
Assault or battery
Piedmont wine area
Polite reply from a gent
Romeo and Juliet, e.g.
"I'm at your service"
"Ghostbusters" goo
Awards for "Hamilton" and "Cats"
Polygon measure
Like French toast
Wear a long face
Predator of seals
Clarinet or oboe
"Can't deny that"
Saloon shelf array
Popular ISP
Ottoman, e.g.
___ mater
Fisher-Price offerings
Impudent sort
Generic poodle name
Like Jimmy Choo shoes
Pre-storm period
Giving the go-ahead to
"I won't miss it"
Helps at a trampoline
Make into baby food, maybe
Like "Extreme Weight Loss" contestants
Have a hunch
Like Mr. Hyde
Year-end air
Pay attention to
"Casablanca" heroine
Opposite of "paleo-"

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